What is Travel Huge refund policy?
Because Travel Huge is a search engine, not a seller, we don't have a refund policy -- that's handled solely by the provider that booked your trip. Not sure what company to talk to? Check your credit card statement to locate your provider's information or check the provider details on the ticket issued.
Do prices include Taxes and Fees?
All flight prices on Travel Huge include applicable taxes and fees. Any exceptions to this are any optional fees like checked baggage or airlines that charge for seat selection, pet accommodations, etc. These types of add-ons will have to be arranged separately with your airline.
Can I book a flight for another person?
If you want to pay for someone else's flight, you can absolutely do that. However, you'll need to make sure that when you enter passenger details, the name you put on the ticket matches the traveler's ID exactly. A misplaced vowel could mean a one-way ticket to the can't-fly-today-zone. Also, be aware that many airlines charge a substantial change fee if any information needs to be edited after the ticket has been booked.
When I click a deal on your site it tells me the price has gone up! What's up with that?
Because we're searching hundreds of other travel sites at once, sometimes there are accuracy issues from the information we're receiving from those sites. Either the site isn't updating their inventory with us, has given the wrong path or another traveler has booked the last available seat.
I'm a member of the Armed Forces. Does Travel Huge offer a military discount?
First of all, thank you for your service. However, because we're a search engine, not a booking provider, we do not have the authority to offer discounts on airfare. We recommend you search hundreds of sites at once on Travel Huge to find your best option then reach out to the airline directly to book your trip.
Can I search for a flight for me and my child?
When searching for flights on Travel Huge, you can select the number of children and infant passengers via the traveler drop-down menu.
When i get redirected to Provider's website the currency is different
Travel Huge lets you choose any currency you like to view prices and compare flights, but some airline and travel agent websites will only show their prices or allow payment in a limited number of currencies. If these flights are shown on Travel Huge, you should be able to book them. Please bear in mind that if you pay for a flight in a currency that’s different from the currency your bank or card issuer uses, the currency conversion will be done by your bank or credit card company. They may use a different exchange rate to Travel Huge, and may charge commission. You should contact your bank if you want to find out about the exchange rate that will apply to you.
Can i book in my currency?
Some airlines and travel agent websites might not offer the option to book their prices in your preferred currency. However, if these flights are shown on Travel Huge, they should be available for you to book, and the exchange rate would be set by your bank or credit card company. Please contact your bank if you wish to know more about what type of exchange rate you would have to pay.
Why are your tours so expensive?
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